i was told to start a blog about nonsense so it seems appropriate to for the first entry to be about the beginning of my blogging career. aside from the brief relationship i had with xanga in 2003.
ok intentions (perhaps goals):

1. write for 10 minutes everyday (i may observe the sabbath)
2. see if this can continue for two months straight
3. tell somebody about it.

i often lay in bed at night composing beautiful thoughts and people being moved by my eloquently written prose.and then somehow when it comes to actually putting the words floating down in my brain on paper (or a computer screen) i stage fright. actually a counselor once told me i have too many filters in which words must pass before they become reality, something tangible for people to grasp. so if i really want someone to hear the chaos in my brain,

i must
write. write. write. for 10 minutes
and perhaps it will turn into 20, if the day allows.