last may someone hit and totaled my car…the one that took me from jackson to nebraska to dc, settling (for the time) in seattle. so i now bike. i refuse to wear the proper gear. i cant do it. it may go for a faster, smoother ride, but i cant stand the thought of those
the tacky shirts
did i mention the shorts
i did, however, buy a pink sparkly helmet…one that looks more appropriate if i were riding a scooter or skateboard. nothing aerodynamic.
just plain girlie.
which is exactly what i was going for. to subtly stick out. to be distinctly feminine.
true i may look like a bubble gum head
but in a city where women tend to look more androgynous
i’m taking one for the team on this one. i spent hard years on the playground
trying to get the boys to treat me like one of them


i’m done.
please treat me like a lady.