i just ate a piece of dove chocolate that reminded me to steal 5 minutes for myself which reminded me its 10.30, i need to write 10 minutes. this morning in passdown (my daily 8 am meeting) a co-worker stated that if the printer wasn’t working she might as well not even be here since there was nothing she could get done.
really. oh if only i could say
‘no body feels like coming into treatment, i’m going to…’

go to a morning yoga class
re-eat breakfast…with coffee and a book
write my proposal to anna of why i should go to kenya
probably not GRE study
meander lincoln park in west seattle
maybe even jump on the ferry to vashon
drink a really jammy glass of wine
make a skirt
call Britt
make something lentil…i’ve been craving them lately

i’m in this chair, in front of this computer
with 3 open bedlists.
and too many available beds.

again i wonder
why dont more social workers have charming blogs like