for some reason i always anticipate banned book month. honestly, it may have something to do with my obsession with lists. and i do mean obsession. and mostly with book lists. i like making lists of books i’ve read, books i want to read, books i want to read in the next month, books i want to purchase. and then i like to print off lists for the sheer pleasure of crossing out. and then planning for what to read next…

so you too can join in the fun:

TIME Magazine | the complete list (17 read)

ALA Banned/Challenged Books (23 proudly read + current read ‘tropic of cancer’ = 24)

Image Journal 100 Writers of Faith (17ish read)

i’m not sure where the need to read things banned has come from…there are actually several different banned/challenged books lists where i’ve read close to 50%…

(which is maybe the reason i find it hard to recommend things to my mother.)

because once you read something beautiful, its hard to settle
for crap…happy endings. i constantly want to be washed in beautiful words, lost in a story that consumes my emotions,

a story that makes it past the pages to my everyday conversation.

a book that sticks with you for years,

is a rarity, but something i feel a worthy cause- reading for the purpose of finding more to add to my own pool to pull from

of books that have given an abundance of stimulating richness,

that paint pictures of violence and then of grace.

they usually are not on the bestseller list.

(of course, what am i currently recommending….)

. god of the small things (a. roy): beautiful, sad, endearing, oh so endearing.

. things fall apart (c. achebe): really stark picture of westernization overtake of nigeria

. my name is asher lev (c. potok): i still refer to this book on a weekly basis

. barabbas (p. lagerkvist): one of the best pictures of christian community

. children at the gate (e. wallant): thank you dr.derosset for this one. truly a gem.