i walked out of church into the perfect fall weather, the weather that makes me nostalgic for the anticipation of change and acclimating to a new normal.

whether it the beginning of another school year, a new home, adapting to a new community

fall always means settling after the change. makes me the most restless. or rather the need for walks becomes more apparent.

i was briefly browsing other books by julia cameron (the artist’s way author)…in skimming a sequel she wrote to AW, i noticed she kept the same principles: morning pages and weekly artist dates

her adition: a weekly LONG walk.

because walks are therapy for a full brain.            

    (and cheap therapy i might add)

    the fall is when i start walking and can’t stop. its a combination: beautiful trees, sweaters, bright sun, crisp air, the blue sky (which is darker and brighter than the summer one), leaves on the ground, especially red ones

    in fact i wonder if shaun tan was inspired to write

    the red tree

    because after a really long day, that he couldn’t remember who he was

    or what he was doing

    and seemed that he was waiting for something, without sense or reason

    and so

    he walked and kept walking and every so often

    a beautiful red leaf would be quietly lying on the path, restoring belief

    that beauty constantly exists in all the dark places; amongst chaos of life.

    fall. such a simple, appropriate word for the season.

    the leaves letting go of the branches

    our eyes lowering from the busyness of summer, preparing our bodies for the winter, a more introspective time.

    fall induces long walks. and somehow each walk is reminiscent to chicago, central city, huemoz, jackson, seattle, henderson.

    this is when all the places of my life, share something in common.