after a conversation with nedra yesterday i was convinced to switch to wordpress. yes, you are right, there is something more visually stimulating. however, i’m not very bright when it comes to html and graphic whirly dos.

its kind of like how i felt at the bike shop when i delivered the road bike i was given to be fixed (which ends up its worth more in pieces than as a bike). the bike shop boy started commenting on different components slash features to which i shrugged my shoulders and stated ‘not really familiar’ (must i remind him i wear a shiny pink bike helmet?)

because really, who has time?  ok i know thats a bullshit reponse. we have time for that which we deem worthy of our oh so precious time and attention. because somewhere and somehow i am paying attention

i am taking notes. it may have something to do with the 20 blogs i have on my toolbar which i check frequently throughout the day. or my growing list of holds at the library. love of underground fashion. need to always be reading reviews.

so i have time to learn html. if i cared. or more about bikes if i wanted to be more impressive

but i’m more interested in the creation i’m wearing in my hair right now. a polka dotted scarf with a big flower pin given to me years ago.

because really i should be kicking myself off the blog and dealing with adolescent girls in prostitution.  you agree with me; you also would rather think about what polka dots you could sport tomorrow.