peeling apples reminds me of the countless, and i mean countless number of apples we picked, peeled, cored, stored from the small orchard around l’abri. it set the scene, though, for many instrumental and memorable conversations…the first time i heard k’s rave of oscar wilde’s ‘picture of dorian gray’ was at the picnic table, slicing with fingers wrinkled from grabbing peeled apples out of a pot of water. oh and the infamous garden of eden re-enactment in which k was adam and i was eve…i wonder how close our ending was as we exited….me flipping ‘adam’ off as he called me an unmentionable name and b. cast as God, walking off with a dog.

i also over exhausted my creativity with apple desserts which lasted into the winter months. students at l’abri live off of bread and apples both frozen and stored in the ice chest solely devoted to these morsels.

it was in the kitchen of chalet bellevue that i understood the practicality of seasonal foods…the body craves the produce in season, for not only its flavor but for what it offers in nutrients. i literally cannot stand the idea of eating an apple in the spring when the strawberries are so red and in abundance. apples seem so mundane
however, the instant the leaves change and the hoodie is reinstated as my daily uniform, the apple becomes such a delicacy, taste to be desired.

i just pulled out of the oven a dutch apple crisp. for tomorrow night. despite how disconnected i am, i keep baking, cooking. and maybe that’s what i need to keep me present to being here. there is something so familiar of me

in the kitchen.

Apple Crisp with Creme Fraise

9 apples (feel free to mix and match…i used mostly granny smith with a few jonigolds)
1/4 c sugar
1 t cinnamon
good pinch of salt
3 T butter
1/2 c creme fraise
topping: 1 1/4 c flour, 1/3 c sugar, 1/3 c brown sugar, 1 T cornmeal, 7 T melted butter

peel and chop 9 apples.  toss with sugar, cinnamon and.  heat butter in large pot (or dutch oven if you have one) then throw in the apples. cover and stir until broken down.  at this point you were to drain the apples but i couldn’t be bothered.  so i threw in a generous 1/2 c of creme fraise.  spread the apples in 9″ pan (or keep in dutch oven). for the topping, mix dry ingredients in a bowl and slowly stir in 7 T melted butter to form little balls.  spread on top of apples and bake at 450 for 10ish minutes (until brown).

off to see if this is even any good (ok this WINS friends many times over).  cheers.