the girls had an orientation of proper use of the library and library etiquette and somehow i stopped listening when the words Dewey decimal system were uttered. and i had visions of the gold carpet from my elementary library and the desk that ella and shirley (the librarians) sat behind. and the card catalog. i mean, really, having a play library now would be so boring, because pretending to scan something is exciting for only .009 seconds.  but making your own catalog system…author, title, subject, hours upon hours of fun. maybe just for book lovers and those who love writing things down with no real purpose.

in other news, i’m receiving a series of emails and phone messages from those who only yesterday were singing my curses, now proclaiming their extreme graditude, blah blah blah.

yesterday, if you recall was also the first day of the faith, film and justice film festival.  a documentary on tapologo …a communtiy caring for people in a shantytown with HIV/AIDS…home-based care givers…what i did in nigeria…

million dollar question of the hour: how will i live in a world in which i cannot make everything right?