it happened again yesterday; one of the few reasons in the plus side column of riding the bus. it started in chicago when i would ride the El and it was always etienne, i guy i used to work with at my first starbucks in the windy city.
i would be waiting for a train or sitting in a car and there he was.
and it was always so delightful to see him.

and i think of all the trains running through the entire city of chicago, every 15 minutes.  all the routes, especially through down town, the brown, red, blue, purple. of all the coincidences that have to happen to pick that route, that cab, that seat. i don’t always think its by chance.

one of my favorites was last winter. i was back in chicago to visit catherine and had wanted to spend the afternoon at the modern art museum which was closed. so i decided that the best neighborhood to waste time in before my flight: bucktown. so from the brown, i transferred underground to the blue, to a rather full cab. and sat down. i happened to look at the girl next to me, intently reading. something familiar about her profile. looking at what she was reading, language theory, yes, no mistake, it was

“jenny moul?”

and it was. she was heading home because her class was canceled. and i suddenly had company to bucktown. to the earwax cafe for coffee. and carrot cake. and the most wonderful words were exchanged that both of us needed to hear.

and my flight to seattle was that much better.

i think its why i’m always looking for a familiar face in the airport. because it does happen. even when i’m not paying attention because my earphones are in, someone grabs my hand and pulls me into a seat. a friend that i were thinking about, missing time together and i run into her

on the 66 bus to downtown. and the questions of how are you doing, are answered.

but mostly it’s nice to be reminded that the world is small and some of these meetings are by chance. but also for reason. for joy.