the word of the month. from the nikki mcclure 2009 calendar.  the thing i look forward to the most the last day of the month: flipping the page.

um, generate?  hmmm….

1. to procreate. (not in the near future cards. or far future for that matter)

2. to be the cause of….to produce… originate

how will november, perhaps, be the month in which i produce something that is the cause of something greater? or maybe i will be recipeient of someone else’s leg work generating…

generate suspense. generate wonder. generate collaboration. generate direction. generate disaster. generate dissonance. generate silence.

generate joy.

which raises the question to me as well: is it better to be active or passive in regards to generate? because it seems noble, ambitious even, to start, to see progress, to see the seed of something that has the potential to grow because its hope for the greater. it’s also quite satisfying to stamp your name on the tangible product. it connotes action, which is so appealing when sitting idle has become tiresome…

but the passive role. is waiting for someone else to do something. and being the recipient is a gift (unless confusion is being generated).  but its hard, sometimes even quite painful to wait.

unless i generate someone to generate something for me so i can generate further…does that even work, in reality or grammatically?