1. go to goodwill. 2. buy a stack of plates. 3. go to remote place. 4. smash the plates. scream while you smash. if you’re lucky enough to have a wall to smash them against, lucky you.

i recommend abandoned parking lots near the beach.  where the waves are crashing so loud you feel more liberated to scream until you turn purple, letting IT all out.  ALL of it. needs to come OUT. all of the frustration. all of the angst. all of whatever is pent up.  and better than the two handed smack down, is the one handed smash where the plate hits rim first. more effective, i speak from first-hand experience.

sometimes when i’m eating and people are saying things that are


or absurd, i think about how wonderful it would be to pick up my plate and throw it like a frisbee at the wall above their head. and i drown out what is being said because the only thing i can hear, ringing in my ears,

is the sound of shattering glass.  and my, is it satisfying.

but sometimes you can’t make it to the goodwill in time and you have to take a glass from the drinking cupboard and throw it across the room

because sometimes sanity can only come after satisfying sound of shattering glass.