two packages were laying in front of my door when i returned from work.

and they’re from the two people who i wanted them to be from. the other parts of the holy triangle (excuse the sacrilege). both of whom i’ve never deleted an email or thrown a letter away from. even though i never go back to reread, it’s the only tangible thing i have of them and ridding myself of them

would wound my soul. and i like knowing i have little pieces of their lives, their words tucked between books.

so on a day i wished and prayed they would be waiting for me at home to stroke my head or soak up my tears, they silently responded and sent

  • mennonite in a little black dress by rhoda janzen (did you know i’m mennonite?)
  • remember a seasonal record by my favorite artist nikki mcclure. i was drooling over it the other day.
  • “theology” by sinead o’connor – i’m listening to “if you had a vineyard” which was strongly recommended.

and now there is a little sunshine in my heart. and awe. not out of surprise but out of reality that even though thousands of miles separate us,

there is synchronicity beyond comprehension.