today i saw is a charming blog where jill sees something, draws it on a post card and then mails it off to someone random.

i’d want to receive a drawing from her. it’s really a lovely, beautiful exercise to see the beauty in the ordinary. i could draw the awesome blue cheese/cream cheese spread i made last night.

or i might draw my straw african basket filled with weekend retreat goodies- a bright green blanket, flashlight, gray snow pants, stocking hat with buttons, mittens, no. 9s, remember journal, sexing the cherry, rice crackers, stabilo pen

or i could draw what i saw yesterday. a three-year old being picked up by a cps worker because her mother can’t stand being in treatment. because she is overwhelmed by motherhood. because she wants more methadone pills.

i could send that but i may be seen as sadistic. or maybe i’d get a $25 support a child check. or maybe somebody will pay for burn-out therapy.

or maybe i will send it to d and k. who are working on becoming foster parents. and they’re really lovely people. and i’d say thank you for providing a home because it is badly needed.

i need to be off to process “iron jawed angels.” and talk about heroism. and then explain who is a reference to drug addicts and assign them to find 2 people to use as references for job resumes and housing applications. which is much harder than it sounds.

i also need to post part II of the h chronicles: hope.