salted caramels, introduced to me about 2 years ago, were a small revolution…as were the delightful balsamic truffles from an amazing chocolate shop in jackson hole…the combination of things that i wouldn’t have put together.

but this is a whole new level: candied bacon fudge.  i’m wondering if i make it for the cookie exchange will it be well received?  will people rant and rave over it or will i find chunks of it in the bathroom receptacle? it does seem rather genius, though. collaborating two important food groups (that’s chocolate and bacon if you were wondering) into a delectable treat, not for dogs.

i’ll also put them into the same category as pickled grapes with cinnamon and black pepper.  i admit it was the amazing photography that most enticed me to attempt them…but also because i had no category in my mouth in which to place grapes marinated in vinegar?  and so one afternoon L (my fanatic foodie friend) came over and we de-belly-buttoned grapes, added some yellow mustard seeds…

and i will say, that reminiscing about making them is causing my tongue to remember their flavor which quite simply, is making me crave one.  perhaps they will make great christmas gifts for people…hmmm…can you tell what i need to be doing?  it’s that time of the year.

i do feel extremely proud of myself for coming up with a gift idea for several friends that will be relatively cheap ie. free but quite meaningful. i know you’re wondering what exactly i will be “making” but what if you read this blog, than it won’t be a lovely surprise. and you may judge me for “skimping” your gift. so i’ll just let you wonder if the slippers you’re getting are a re-gift.

i love it when i feel like a genius.