my friend j.s and i pride ourselves on being able to use a metaphor the duration of a conversation, officially using it do death.

today the metaphor i bring to you is that of a handful. (stealing a scene from ‘amelie’) the satisfaction of sticking your arm into a large bag of cool beans, grabbing the extreme capacity of beans your hand can hold. it requires using rarely used muscles in your wrist, engaging all 5 fingers…

and then admiring through the space between each finger, all that is held within your palm.

imagine its a handful of popcorn and you’re racing to each kernel because when you eat a few, others loosen and can potentially fall to the unclean floor, so you  maneuver to eat each piece, satisfied because a fingerful is never enough.

but now it’s snowing you need a handful of snow to make a snowball because a thimbleful thrown won’t even make it past your shadow.

as a measurement, a handful of cherry tomatoes in a salad is complete. its enough to be noticed but not too much too dominate.

it can seem like a lot and other times it seems not enough

but even though it is exercising dormant muscles, tiring fingers from maintaining an unnatural pose, it is not an impossible task- to hold on to something that takes the entire space of your hand. something that needs to be held even though it may make one of your hands useless, you are not weakened.

because what is in your hand can be satisfying, burdensome, annoying, tiring, rewarding, useful,

and beautiful (the bouquet of wildflowers behind your back)

and powerful (handfuls turn into fists too)

however, if you let go of the handful, it can leave without a trace, or leave a wet/sticky residue behind or an empty sensation

because your hand remembers what is once held.  and it remembers how it felt.