there is only one way to bring in the new year properly. some may choose dick clark and a dropping ball, which really, is anti-climatic

but the mennonites have a hold on a better tradition. the new year’s meal: portzelky or new year’s cookies. yes they may actually be closer to a donut but really apples and oranges.  i will be serving them tomorrow for brunch and believe me all the coinciding breakfast dishes will be neglected. whenever spoonfuls of batter, fried in hot oil than rolled in sugar are an option there is no comparison. no distant second.

after a good new year’s palate cleansing, it is time to write the resolutions. what will 2010 hold…i’m thinking of tag-lining it: the year i made wildly inappropriate decisions.

anyways here is my top 10 for 2010

i will take one dance class
i will read two books a month.
i will make three wildly inappropriate decisions
i will hand write four letters a month
i will complete five sewing projects
i will have coffee with six strangers
i will practice self discipline seven times a week
i will allot myself eight hours of sleep each night
i will complete nine credit hours of grad school
i will run ten miles in one stretch