happy birthday to me.  i like birthdays. it’s an excuse to indulge myself and i always need another excuse to do so.

trust me: self care is of upmost priority.

so in a bit i will be headed to the naked spa for a massage. and then a little shin dig.

i’ve been wanting to do some kind of art collaboration being inspired lately by littlebrownpen‘s color photo shoots and the book i send you this cadmium red…the invitation and request follows:

on february 26  i will begin the final
year of twenty
and i would love nothing more than
to end with color.

as you know or have seen
the last few months have felt like
sitting in the dark
i have described it as feeling as
thought the color has drained for my body
and i am keep walking, pushing if further

all of you are significant
in someway to my twenties
and i want a birthday
that is complimentary to my vision of

each of you are invited to my home on
february 26th around 7.30 pm
for wine, snacks, cupcakes
and collage making.
my vision is for each of us to make a collage
of a single color.
and hopefully between all of us we will have
a splash of hues.

you may want to start collecting items now or
if you have
paints, colored pencils, fabric scraps, magazines to contribute that would be great.
please email me if you can come
and your color of choice.

{pictures will be posted}