my greatest fear when biking, is the combination of going down hill on wet pavement and somebody cutting me off.

so of course one must face their fears and live through the dreaded experience. i am a survivor. it was painful. it took me 4 hours to figure out how i landed between throwing my body on the pavement coupled with skidding on the remnants of the morning rain: it was left hip and right shoulder, a nice little sheree-twist mudslide down roosevelt ave.

{yes i yelled at the driver; no i did not use any expletives.}

aside from a bruise on my shin from the pedal, a sore left groin from the seat and a sore mid section from the twist and slide action, i am ok.

my helmet however…..
meet bell.

we’ve been friends for 7 months now. she’s pink and sparkly. and charming. she performed beautifully on the early morning of march the 3rd, saving my head. she now has a nice deep scratch as permanent symbol of her sacrifice.

apparently a helmet is only good for one accident. after that it’s safety ability is compromised. i am torn. i want to keep wearing sparkle bell, but i also don’t want my head splattered on roosevelt ave. as i am sure there are more drivers who forget to pay attention to bikers (ahem*) so i guess i have to retire her. i wonder to what degree of accident is the helmet deemed unreliable but maybe i shouldn’t find out the hard way. forty bones is worth my life.

so the big question is: bell or bern?