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yesterday i was summoned from my office as a woman desperately needed to speak with me about entering treatment.

ok so i’ve seen some crazy things in my office.  one time a girl took off her hoodie, only to be wearing a sheer/mesh burgundy tank. nothing else. another client told me she was living in a barn taking care of the horses. i opened her bags only to discover an abhorrent amount of hay stuck to her clothes like cat fur.

it is quite sad what i see. but there are times when things come through that are so ridiculous, you can only laugh (more on this at a later post).

i find it most hard to stifle my laughter when the lies become more grandiose and i have to bite my tongue from yelling “liar, liar, pants on fire” as if I were a 3rd grader on the bus ride home.

anyways, back to my arrival in the lobby:  a girl sitting in a chair with blue hair. and smelled like she hadn’t showered in a few days. but held my attention because of her make-up choices. she was wearing blue lipstick that wasn’t quite all on her lips and a dark grey eyeliner placed thickly through the middle of her eyelid out to past her eyebrow. and then bright pink eye shadow smudged in the general vicinity of her eye.

i find it very hard to take people seriously when their make-up is louder than their tears; like watching a clown cry, one tends to feel more bemused than sympathetic.

honestly, i’m not trying to be mean,  but i do find it intriguing how i and most of my friends tend to stay on the same plane of fashion and trends. whilst in other groups, trends thrive that we put negative labels on.  which further begs the question are those whose fashion sense would send them to “what not wear” trying to mimic what they see via the media or are they really unaware of how to pull off a sophisticated (even if going for an alternative) look?

things i wonder……which brings me to my own love of red lipstick. (did you follow that random jump?) its been a true love for about 13 months and a look i am pleased to say, i pull off well.

currently my top 3:

lancome: steamy (my new coral red for spring)

vintage red from clinique

dare devil no. 7 from boots


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