living in seattle without a car, walking was an integral part of my daily routine, done without second thought about getting from point a to point b and perhaps even point c.  walking here in nebraska on the farm, is reserved time and reserved time becomes time for my crowded, muzzled mind.

i walk the section, one mile each direction, three miles are gravel roads, all four miles are surrounded by cornfields.  i”ve discovered an apple tree in the ditch on mile 2; however, the apples are now out of reach so i am snacking on stolen lincoln pears off the neighbor’s tree (neighbor is .25 miles away).

it’s a beautiful walk.  i have no where else to be but there, walking, part of my daily sanity.  the other night i began my walk at 8 pm while the sun began it’s daily set and the sky was clear all minus a small, stretched, billowing cloud hanging low in the southeast, flashing pink as if someone was plugging and unplugging it.  the scenery may look the same day in and day out, there is no entertainment in people watching but how often can you witness a miniature electric storm in such a small cloud?  i was amused as the cloud continued it’s punk show while the rest of the sky turned into a mass of congested stars.

in three days, i will be returning to the city…the quiet will be replaced…walking will become a necessity…it has been good to be home.  but there is now a time for something,
well, something else.

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