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last year i tried to:

i will take one dance class (did not)
i will read two books a month. (almost)
i will make three wildly inappropriate decisions (i made 2)
i will hand write four letters a month (maybe 2)
i will complete five sewing projects  (almost done with #5)
i will have coffee with six strangers (did once)
i will practice self discipline seven times a week (probably not)
i will allot myself eight hours of sleep each night (not consistently)
i will complete nine credit hours of grad school (6 done, working on the next 6)
i will run ten miles in one stretch (5…keep trucking)

i’ve not really been able to put down what i want for 2011.¬† on new year’s, i toasted to becoming a lincolnite, which is pretty huge.¬† not really sure what that means but i envision, having random acquaintances, selling preserves at the farmer’s markets, local business’ knowing my name, having and going to dinner parties, participating in some art/creative collaborations, knowing other bikers.

other things i do know i want to do:

. go through the artist’s way again
. make reading the book of common prayer a habit

. take boxing lessons
. find a community development project to join
. keep running
. go to new orleans
. learn how to become a french cook/baker

i feel as if 2011 crept in while i was figuring out settlements. i think bit by bit i will be able to take hold of the reins and whip into action, what potentially could be a smashing year. as i close out this decade and begin a new one.

2011, i gladly welcome you.


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